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Conditions for Religious Pluralism in Swedish Hospital Chaplaincy: A Research Note

Research interest in hospital chaplaincy has increased, in part because it is believed to contribute to the development of just models of religious pluralism. This research note brings attention to hospital chaplaincy in Sweden, a country where religious diversity has substantially increased due to migration but where research in hospital chaplaincy is scarce. In order to advocate for future research, this research note describes the organization of hospital chaplaincy in Sweden, presents new analyses of official data showing its extent and religious composition, and proposes that the organization of hospital chaplaincy in this country needs to be re-considered now that religious diversity is a given. Showing that hospital chaplaincy in this country is still under the overbearing influence of Christianity, this research note argues that there is a need for research that sheds light on the asymmetrical power relations that exist and that paves the way for innovations in religious pluralist models for health care chaplaincy.