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Winter/Spring 2017

ACPE Webinar Series: Advancing Chaplaincy – Learning to Think & Act Strategically

ACPE Academy hosted 3 hour-long webinars in Winter-Spring 2017 to help leaders and emerging leaders in professional chaplaincy and chaplaincy education develop and strengthen their ability to think strategically about advancing chaplaincy both at the level of the profession and at the level of their institution. For videos and handouts from the presentations, visit ACPE Academy. We also posted information on our Strategic Planning Webinars.


We will announce when the following webinar will be scheduled:


Emerging Trends in Healthcare, Patient Experience and Implications for Spiritual Care: A Conversation with Jim Merlino, MD

February 2017

Henry Luce Foundation Grant Awarded to ACPE

In its recent grant cycle, the Directors of the Henry Luce Foundation approved a 3-year grant of $275,000 to ACPE, Inc. to support the assessment of healthcare chaplaincy education.  In this project, Assessing & Reimaging Chaplaincy Education – The Case of Healthcare, ACPE will work with Wendy Cadge (Brandeis University) and George Fitchett (Rush University Medical Center) to investigate the pedagogical and theological foundations of chaplaincy education in healthcare and develop a strategic conversation with key stakeholders about its future. It is premised on the idea that the educational bases for chaplaincy education are several decades out of date, and that chaplains may be even more in demand in coming years as fewer people belong to religious organizations and can, therefore, turn to local religious leaders in the midst of health crises.

As part of this grant, ACPE is seeking a Research Administrative Coordinator. Details available at this link.

February 2017

Applications for 2nd Round of CPE Curriculum Grants Now Open

The online applications for the second round of CPE Curriculum Development Grants are now available. We will be selecting 32 CPE Centers in 2017. We can assist folk with their applications and are open to creative collaborations among separate CPE centers. See our webpage for more details: CPE Grants.


CPE Grants Timeline

Activity Cohort 2: CPE Curriculum Development Grants
Application and detailed instructions posted on website October 20, 2016
Application deadline Rolling admission. Please contact Kathryn Lyndes about your interest.
Decision about application Rolling
Applicant confirms acceptance 1-2 weeks after invitation
Check disbursements August 31, 2017



Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

Free On-Line Course for Professional Chaplains

All members of the following professional chaplaincy organizations (Neshama—the Association for Jewish Chaplains, the National Association for Catholic Chaplains, the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, and the Association for Professional Chaplains) are invited to participate in a free online course titled Religion, Spirituality, and Health: An Introduction to Research that will be offered at no cost through Virginia Commonwealth University.


The course will be offered four times. The dates are set for the first two offerings:

Session 1:          Fall, 2017             September 18 to November 6 – Registration Now Closed – we hit our target!

Interest in Session 1 exceeded our expectations, and we had to close registration. We hope to accommodate a larger group in the future. We will post details about the three upcoming sessions as they become available.


Session 2:          Spring, 2018         January 22 to March 12

Synchronous dates/times for Session 2 will be posted when they become available. We will send an announcement when registration opens for Session 2 (in November 2017).


This course is made possible by matching funds from the four professional chaplaincy associations listed above. Each of these organizations recognizes participation in the online course toward chaplains’ annual required continuing education.