Applications for the second round of CPE Curriculum Development Grants are open. Click here to begin an application, and see our timeline below for more details.


The main aim of the CPE Curriculum Development Grants is to integrate research literacy into chaplaincy CPE programs in ongoing ways.

The first year grant will be $2,500; the second year grant will be $1,500. An additional $1,000 incentive grant will be available the second year for programs whose students demonstrate a high level of research literacy at the conclusion of year one. Grant amounts may be adjusted for applications from CPE systems with multiple training programs.

Centers are free to use their grants to fund research curriculum that best fits their context, for example, to establish an ongoing research seminar series, host a researcher-led class, or attend online courses in religion, spirituality and health.

The first cohort of CPE Centers were selected from among a competitive applicant pool. We are excited by the creative research literacy curriculum plans from the first group of awardees. Click Cohort 1 CPE and Fellows for a list of the first grant recipients (totaling 38 Centers).

32 grants will be awarded in the second cycle of grants selected in 2017. In all, 70 ACPE-accredited clinical pastoral education (CPE) programs will be awarded curriculum development grants to integrate research literacy into their training programs, engaging over 400 CPE students and staff in research literacy. (CPE Centers that do not have year-long residency programs are welcome to apply; please see the FAQ’s below for more information.)

Want to see what a strong application looks like? Or what’s involved in teaching research literacy? You can find model applications and curricula proposals – from Centers selected for awards – under our Resources tab (Resources for Teaching Research Literacy in Chaplaincy – Model Curricula) or click here.

We have two documents that can help you navigate the program and application process:  CPE Curriculum Grant Application and CPE Curriculum Grant FAQs

Cohort 2 Timeline

Activity Cohort 2: CPE Curriculum Development Grants
Application and detailed instructions posted on website October 20, 2016
Application deadline Rolling admission. Talk with Kathryn Lyndes about your interest
Decision about application Rolling
Applicant confirms acceptance 1-2 weeks after invitation
Check disbursements August 31, 2017

Cohort 1 Year 2 Incentive Grant and Course Evaluation

The additional $1,000 incentive grant will be available the second year for programs that provide a course evaluation of the year 1 curriculum. This evaluation should be a one to two page report that includes a description of the strengths and challenges of the year 1 curriculum and, if needed, an explanation of any revisions that will be made to the 2nd year curriculum. This course evaluation should be based on feedback from students, faculty and CPE supervisors about the course and evidence of student mastery of research literacy.

Student mastery of research literacy may be demonstrated in a number of different ways including presentations of research articles they have read, presentations of verbatims or case studies informed by research, or quizzes or exams including the exam made available by the Transforming Chaplaincy project (see FAQ #9 for details). The Transforming Chaplaincy exam consists of reading two articles selected by project leaders and completing a short-answer test whose questions are keyed to these research papers.

Cohort 1 course evaluations must be completed and submitted within four weeks of the year one curriculum but no later than September 15, 2017. Centers will be notified of the incentive grant decision within three weeks of receipt of their evaluation. (Cohort 2 course evaluation timeline is included CPE Curriculum Grant Application.