Resources for Teaching Research Literacy in Chaplaincy

ACPE Research Network, John Ehman, Convener

Sponsored through the ACPE Research Network, this website is free and available to anyone. It is maintained through the excellent work of John Ehman, a chaplain at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center who is also the convener of the ACPE Research Network.

Incorporating Research Into CPE

The website has a very helpful section devoted to Incorporating Research Into CPE. It covers key resources for the incorporation of research into CPE programs such as article summaries, syllabi, lectures and guiding questions.


In addition to the section on Incorporating Research Into CPE, there are other helpful features on this website. Specifically, be sure to look at Articles of the Month. Begun in 2002, Articles of the Month currently contain over 150 article reviews. Each review includes a summary of the article, links to related research, and suggestions for discussing the article with CPE students. This is an excellent place to look for recent articles about research of interest to chaplains to discuss in a journal club or as part of a research literacy curriculum. Additionally, the index page, with its list of topics, is a helpful place for students and supervisors to look for articles of interest related to their work.

Network Newsletters

The website also contains current and past Network Newsletters. These Newsletters contain helpful posts of research-related activities by CPE and chaplaincy colleagues in the U.S. and around the world. They also include information about research-related resources such as annotated bibliographies and links to articles, journals, websites, and conference presentations.

Email List

You can also sign up for monthly updates by emailing the convener, John Ehman.