If you’d like to get in touch with fellow researchers, the Transforming Chaplaincy community is ready to help. The individuals below have requested the opportunity to join research projects, seek additional research partners, and more. We encourage you to reach out, get acquainted, and see how they can help you contribute to research literacy and improve patient outcomes.


Researchers seeking projects

Michael Morey (Chaplaincy Research Summer Institute alum)
Interests: spiritual assessments; therapeutic interventions; computer-based algorithms for chaplaincy

Projects seeking participants

Emilee Walker-Cornetta, Joel Nightingale Berning, Matthew R. Baldwin, and Natalie Yip, Columbia University Irving Medical Center: “Reducing Initial Barriers to Spiritual Care for Patients and Families with Limited English Proficiency: Developing and Testing a Cross-Language Chaplaincy Introduction Tool.” (Pilot project)

The grant team welcomes participation by chaplains fluent in, and ideally native speakers of, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Farsi, Italian, Gujarati, Urdu, and Khmer. Interested chaplains should email eaw9007@nyp.org or job9122@nyp.org.