ACPE Receives 3-Year Henry Luce Foundation Grant to Assess Healthcare Chaplaincy Education

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Cohort 2 Fellows Selected

Congratulations to the eight new Transforming Chaplaincy Research Fellows who will begin their MPH or related degrees this fall. See our list of Cohort 1 & 2 Fellows here.

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Cohort 1 Fellowships and CPE Grant Recipients

We are excited to share our first cohort of fellowship and grant recipients: Cohort 1 CPE and Fellows

To learn more about our first cohorts, see Rush University Medical Center’s recent posting.

Photo courtesy Rush Photo Group: Cohort 1 Fellows

Chaplain Research Summer Institute

Are you a chaplain with limited time interested in developing the knowledge and skills that will enable you to undertake simple but important research and quality improvement projects? Check out our Chaplain Research Summer Institute.

ACPE Webinar Series on Strategic Thinking

Advancing Chaplaincy: Learning to Think & Act Strategically. Click here for details.

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APC Annual Conference

Join Transforming Chaplaincy directors, advisory members, staff, Fellows and CPE grant recipients at the APC annual meeting in Houston, TX.

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Welcome to the Transforming Chaplaincy: Promoting Research Literacy for Improved Patient Outcomes website. This project, funded by the John Templeton Foundation, aims to better equip healthcare chaplains to use research to guide, evaluate, and advocate for the daily spiritual care they provide patients, family members and colleagues. The project will provide three different research-training opportunities for chaplains over the next four years.

1) Fellowships will pay for two cohorts each of 8 board-certified chaplains to complete a two-year, research-focused Master of Science or Master of Public Health degree in epidemiology, biostatistics or public health at an accredited school of public health. Cohort 1 Fellows started their fall programs. Cohort 2 online applications closed on January 6, 2017. Thank you to all who applied! See our Fellowship page for the timeline of the review process.

2) CPE Curriculum Development grants will be awarded to 70 ACPE-accredited clinical pastoral education (CPE) residency programs to support incorporation of research literacy education in their curricula. 38 Cohort 1 CPE Centers are starting their new curriculum. Cohort 2 online applications are available. (CPE Centers that do not have year-long residency programs are also welcome to apply; please see the FAQ’s for more information.) Click here for more information about the CPE Curriculum Development Grants.

3) A free Online Continuing Education CourseReligion, Spirituality and Health: An Introduction to Research, will be made available in 2017 at no cost to members of the professional chaplaincy organizations as a way to build evidence-based chaplaincy care. See our Course page for more details. It will be updated as further information becomes available. Stay tuned for an announcement of the opening of registration.

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