Transforming Chaplaincy is a think tank with a mission to promote research literacy in chaplaincy to improve patient outcomes.

By integrating contemporary scholarship into ongoing practice, chaplains can provide better care, educators can prepare chaplains to be more effective in their work, and healthcare administrators and professionals can drive effective institutional change. Our resources give these groups the tools they need to transform chaplaincy in their institutions.

Announcing the Transforming CHAPLAINCY Book Series

The Transforming CHAPLAINCY book series will advance scholarship and research about healthcare chaplaincy. The series is edited by George Fitchett (Transforming Chaplaincy, USA), Cheryl Holmes (Spiritual Health Australia), Steve Nolan (Princess Alice Hospice and University of Winchester, UK), and Anne Vandenhoeck (ERICH and KU Leuven, Belgium). The series is published by Pickwick Publications: an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers. The first volume in the series Transforming Chaplaincy: The George Fitchett Reader, Steve Nolan and Annelieke Damen, Eds., was published in November.

In Their Own Words eBook

This free eBook contains journals recorded by five chaplains from across the US during the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic. These journals were read in part at the 2021 APC conference plenary and are being released for the first time in full. The journals tell stories of caring for patients, families, and healthcare colleagues in the Spring of 2020 when hospitals were filled with Covid-19 patients, when understanding of the virus and how to treat it was scarce, and chaplains and other healthcare workers faced unknown risks to their health and the health of their loved ones. The journals contain profound theological and personal reflection, narratives of extraordinary resilience, creative ministry, and chaplains’ responses to racism and racial reckoning during the Summer of 2020.

Cate Michelle Desjardins and Nina Redl, Editors. With a Foreword by Katherine Piderman, PhD, BCC, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN and A Physician’s Response by Steven Clark Cunningham, MD, FACS, Ascension St Agnes, Baltimore, MD

Spirituality in serious illness and health.”

We’re proud to feature the Article of the Month from ACPE Research. We’re grateful to editor John Ehman for sharing his work here and encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource.