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Racial Differences in Spiritual Care: Existing Evidence and Future Research 

Free Webinar: Tuesday, December 1st, at 2:00PM (EST) 1:00PM (CST)

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On Tuesday, December 1st at 1:00PM (CST),Data from several large U.S. studies suggests Blacks are somewhat more likely to receive chaplain visits and Blacks may be more likely than Whites to request chaplain care. In this webinar we will review these findings and what they do and don’t tell us about possible racial disparities in the provision of spiritual care in healthcare. We will also discuss directions for future research about racial issues in spiritual care in healthcare.

George Fitchett, DMin, PhD, is the Director of Transforming Chaplaincy and Professor in the Department of Religion, Health and Human Values, Rush University Medical Center
LaVera Crawley, MD, MPH, is the Director of Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education at the California Pacific Medical Center
Kelsey White, MDiv, MSc, BCC is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Health Management & System Sciences, School of Public Health and Information Sciences, University of Louisville. She is a former Transforming Chaplaincy Research Fellow.

Marilyn J. D. Barnes MS, MA, MPH, BCC, Vice President, Mission and Spiritual Care, South Wisconsin & Central Chicagoland PSA, AdvocateAurora Health. She is a former Transforming Chaplaincy Research Fellow
Christina Shu, BCC, Lead Interfaith Chaplain, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Spiritual Care for Patients with Cancer: What We Can Learn from Big Data

Free Webinar: Tuesday, December 15th, at 1:00PM (EST) 12:00PM (CST)

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Research tells us that religion and spirituality play an important role for patients with a cancer diagnosis. However we know very little about which cancer patients receive spiritual care and what type of care they receive. Colleagues at The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center – The James Comprehensive Cancer Center have examined data from 14,322 cancer patients treated at their hospital between 2015 and 2019*. They used this data to describe who received any spiritual care, demographic and clinical differences between patients that did or did not receive spiritual care, and the types of spiritual care they received. This webinar will summarize the results of their research and discuss the value of this ‘big data’ approach to advancing research about spiritual care.

Elizabeth Palmer Kelly, PhD, Research Analytics Specialist, Department of Surgery, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Hanci Newberry, MDiv, BCC, The Director of the Department of Chaplaincy and CPE, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Timothy M Pawlik, MD, MTD, MPH, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery, The Urban Meyer III and Shelley Meyer Chair for Cancer Research, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Kelsey White, MDiv, MSc, BCC, PhD Candidate & Research Assistant, Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT), Department of Health Management & System Sciences, School of Public Health & Information Sciences, University of Louisville

Petra Sprik, MDiv, MPH, BCC, Chaplain, Department of Supportive Oncology, Levine Cancer Institute, Charlotte, NC and Convener, Oncology and Outpatient Care Research Network, Transforming Chaplaincy


Palliative chaplain spiritual assessment progress notes.”

We’re proud to feature the Article of the Month from ACPE Research. We’re grateful to editor John Ehman for sharing his work here and encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource.