Bringing peace to patients and families

The Salt Lake Tribune published a story on four healthcare chaplains –  Vicki Pond, Rosemary Baron, Saundra Shanti, Susan Roberts – just after our last newsletter. Bob Mims’s reporting there offers rich insight into the world of healthcare chaplaincy to the general public, including quotes like this one from Pond:


Being an interfaith chaplain means making one’s own religious background secondary to the needs of the sick, whether they have a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or other spiritual tradition — or none at all. Sometimes Pond prays with patients and their families. Sometimes she arranges for visits by clergy. Sometimes she just listens.

“It’s about being open and not judging people,” Pond says. “‘Tell me about your faith, how do you pray … where do you get your strength, what beliefs are most important to you,’ that sort of thing.”


Those interested in explaining just what it is chaplains do will be especially interested to read and share the piece.

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