Launch of European Research Institute for Chaplains in HealthCare (ERICH)

June 6th marked the celebration of the launch of the European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare (ERICH), an initiative of the European Network of Healthcare Chaplains (ENHCC). Hosted by the Academic Centre for Practical Theology at KU Leuven, the launch event featured Ewan Kelly (who will co-facilitate TC’s July CRSI), TC’s Co-Investigator, George Fitchett, and…MORE

TC Co-Investigators in the News

Wendy Cadge’s article, The Changing Nature of Sacred Spaces, published in The Conversation’s April 26, 2017 issue, explores the spaces where people might experience the sacred, a question sparked by the drops in congregational membership in the U.S. Dr. Cadge – with photographer Randy Armor – found close to 80 chapels, meditation and prayer rooms in spaces whose main…MORE

ACPE Webinar Series: Advancing Chaplaincy – Learning to Think & Act Strategically

Update – The May 17th Webinar will be rescheduled. We will post the date when available. ACPE Academy is hosting 4 hour-long webinars in Winter-Spring 2017 to help leaders and emerging leaders in professional chaplaincy and chaplaincy education develop and strengthen their ability to think strategically about advancing chaplaincy both at the level of the…MORE

News: Strengthen Chaplaincy Research to Improve Spiritual Care

February 15, 2017 By JULIE MINDA There has been increasing recognition in the chaplaincy field over the last few decades that chaplaincy practice should be grounded in research and that chaplains should use evidence-based approaches to their work. However, it can be difficult to equip chaplains — most of whom do not have formal research…MORE

Press Release & Job Posting: ACPE Partnering with Henry Luce Foundation

In its recent grant cycle, the Directors of the Henry Luce Foundation approved a 3-year grant of $275,000 to ACPE to support the assessment of healthcare chaplaincy education! During this grant cycle, the Henry Luce Foundation awarded $13,000,000 in grants to 42 institutions. These grants, awarded in five program areas, advance the Foundation’s commitments to the…MORE

News: New Research – When believing in miracles may be harmful to your health

By David Briggs, The Association of Religion Data Archives, October 4, 2016 “There are many moments – the loss of a job, finding out you have cancer, the walk of a child home from school in a dangerous neighborhood – when faith in a loving God watching over you can provide comfort and hope, several…MORE

News: Spiritual Healthcare: “A Quiet Revolution”

Correspondent David Tereshchuk interviews our advisory member, Dr. Christina Puchalski, and features New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital’s Dr. Deborah Marin and Father Rick Bauer for a discussion on the role of health care chaplains in improving patient outcomes and benefitting medical institutions with increased patient satisfaction. The increasing efforts to respond to patients’ spiritual needs…MORE

Essay: A Hospital Tradition Remembers the Youngest Patients

Sociologist and Transforming Chaplaincy C0-Principal Investigator, Wendy Cadge and Sociologist Nicole Fox studied parents’ entries in the memory book at an urban hospital. In this essay in Religion & Politics, Wendy reflects on the content of the messages, the descriptions of the children, and the connections that are facilitated with others who have gone through similar experiences…MORE

Editorial: To See Religion Boost Public Health, Watch ‘Call the Midwife’

In this guest editorial, Ellen Idler, the Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Sociology at Emory University and a Transforming Chaplaincy advisory committee member, reflects on the complicated relationship between religion and public health in the PBS series, Call the Midwife. (Religion News Service distributed her column.) In her edited volume, Religion as a Social Determinant of Public…MORE

Article: Along the Edges of Faith

In this article in Religion and Politics: Fit for Polite Company (a project of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion & Politics at Washington University in St. Louis), Wendy Cadge, author of Paging God: Religion in the Halls of America and Co-Principal Investigator of the Transforming Chaplaincy project, reviewed the important documentary Chaplains: On the…MORE