ACPE Research Network Article of the Month


Transforming Chaplaincy is pleased to feature here the Article of the Month, produced by ACPE Research. Each month at least one article is discussed in detail; related resources are also recommended, as well as ways to incorporate this latest research into the classroom.

This month’s selection, out of the United Kingdom, opens up the topic of voice hearing beyond the literature of psychopathology. The study sample is predominantly Christian, but the authors contextualize their findings to guard against overgeneralization while detailing how this sample may support a critical perspective and provisional taxonomy. This may be useful to chaplains working with patients who share experiences of hearing voices, though the article is aimed at psychiatrists. Lead author Christopher C. H. Cook is a Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University, and one goal of this research was to bring the fields of theology and religious studies into the medical dialogue around voice hearing.

Hearing spiritually significant voices: a phenomenological survey and taxonomy”