Chaplains are invited to apply for the Chaplaincy Research Summer Institute (CRSI). First offered in July of 2017, the CRSI prepares chaplains to develop the skills necessary to conduct simple but important research and quality improvement projects. The CRSI follows a short-term, intensive format with ample opportunities for follow-up. Furthermore, participants will begin building a network of both early-career and established chaplains for future collaborations. The Institute includes a number of hands-on activities, including using PubMed to conduct a literature search and working in small groups to develop research questions and proposals which are presented at the end of the conference.

Around the world, a new evidence-based paradigm is informing the work of healthcare chaplains and spiritual care providers. Fulfilling the potential of the evidence-based paradigm for healthcare chaplaincy requires that all chaplains, and those who educate them, become research literate. Being research literate means two things. First, it means having the ability to critically read and understand basic research, and, if indicated, apply the findings of research studies to one’s chaplaincy practice. Second, it means being generally familiar with the existing body of chaplaincy research including topics that have been studied and important areas for future research. The aim of Transforming Chaplaincy’s Chaplaincy Summer Research Institute (CRSI) is to provide students with a beginning level of research literacy in both senses of the term.

The 2024 Chaplaincy Research Summer Institute will take place July 15 to July 19 at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. We are pleased we have an opportunity to work with VCU to host the CRSI on the East Coast. Details will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

Students and Faculty, CRSI 2023, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles