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Spiritually Sensitive Intervention to Mitigate Depressive Symptoms Among Hospitalized Children Affected With Congenital Heart Diseases: Insights for Holistic Pediatric Nursing

This article reports on an experiment in 28 pediatric hospitals across 14 African and Asian cities. The aim was to examine the effect of a customized spiritually sensitive intervention (SSI) on mitigating depressive symptoms among hospitalized children with congenital heart diseases (CHD). Results showed that post-SSI, 1,139 treatment group children were less depressed vis-à-vis the control group. The SSI was more effective for children from African cities, boys, middle class, Christians and Buddhists, those undergoing medical care for ventricular septal defects, children who stayed in the hospital for 2 to 3 weeks and who regularly self-practiced the lessons after hospital discharge. The SSI could be effectively used for holistic pediatric nursing and health care across contexts with CHD affected children, with some culture-specific variations for greater impact.