Advancing Spiritual Care Through Research

Assessing spirituality: is there a beneficial role in the management of COPD?

Here,we report on the role of spirituality assessment in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Although a positive effect of addressing spirituality in health care has been proved in a number of chronic diseases, its potential in COPD has received less attention. Although limited, available evidence suggests that spirituality may play an important role in improving quality of life of patients with COPD. The fruitful results in other long-term conditions may lay the foundation for further research on addressing spirituality in COPD. This should focus where the burden of COPD is greatest, including low-resource settings globally. Implementation research should include exploration of an acceptable consultation process to identify patients who would welcome spiritual discussions; how to integrate spiritual approaches into health care professional curricula so that they are aware of its importance and have the confidence to raise it with patients and how to integrate spiritual approaches into holistic COPD care.