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Puck drop➡️focus group results #hapc23 @AAHPM @HPNA: #chaplains write your progress notes to be actionable for #collaboration, insightful toward #decisionmaking, & give a picture of each patient.

👏 to @TransformChap1, @ARKestenbaum @DirkLbs

Funding 👏 to @APC_Forum

The #HPMParty continues to go strong at 2:30– next stop poutine. #HaPC23

We came from the land of ice and snow. #hapc Drs. Paula Lindhorst and @drosielle, NP Michael Finch. So good to see Minnesota friends #hapc23 @AAHPM @HPNA

#chaplains at @AAHPM @HPNA #hapc23

I have a small intro, but Kim Wills-Rinaldi, LCSW is the real star of this session (and she is dynamite!) @wills_rinaldi

Especially timely after Dr. Block’s (@MdSblock) plenary, this is an opportunity to learn more about mental health and bereavement.
#swhpn #hapc2023

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