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Newsweek includes Rush University Medical Center on its 2021 list of “World’s Best Hospitals,” ranking Rush No. 75 worldwide and No. 19 among U.S. hospitals.

Wow congrats Natalie Ernecoff! @PittPallCare

COVID-19: Nina Redl has been a chaplain at Bryan Health for 15+ years. Listen to her describe a moment this morning with a patient…

“She can’t talk. Her husband can’t visit her. Her son can’t come visit her. And she was just silently crying under that mask.”

Palliative care work bolded, italicized this truth.

“It has been said that philosophical argument is empty unless it pertains to human suffering.” – p. 3

Furtak, R.A. (2005). Wisdom in love: Kierkegaard and the ancient quest for emotional integrity. University of Notre Dame.

Nice idea: “I also started a ‘fireside chat’ [weekly via phone]. It’s for everyone in the congregation….to allow them to vent or release the tension they’ve been dealing with during this pandemic, in a healthy, faith-driven, spirit-filled environment.”

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