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iPEX grant opportunity for CPE researchers and educators

From Dr. Frank Woggon, Director of Chaplaincy Services for the Louisville downtown KentuckyOne Health medical campus and a gratis faculty member in the Department of Medicine at the University of Louisville, writes below about an opportunity for CPE researchers and educators to take part in the Interprofessional Education Exchange (IPEX). Dr. Woggon is part of the program on Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Oncology Palliative Care Education (iCOPE):

The University of Louisville Interdisciplinary Program for Palliative Care and Chronic Illness has received funding to develop interprofessional education for supportive oncology care at institutions across the United States. This national training program, iPEX (InterProfessional Education eXchange), will train, support and provide resources to selected faculty teams. ACPE Certified Educators in CPE residency programs are among those who are invited to form a team and apply for this national training program to develop and implement curricula at your home institution. The project, funded by the National Cancer Institute (R25CA203637), has research components and IRB approval. Participants will be involved in a series of webinars and a train-the-trainer workshop and will receive mentoring from an experienced faculty team that includes an ACPE Certified Educator. Grant funds will cover all materials as well as travel, housing and meals to attend the train-the-trainer workshop. Ten interprofessional teams of 3-5 health science faculty will be selected in 2018. Application is now open through April 30, 2018.

For more information about iPEX, the InterProfessional Education eXchange: A National Program to Advance Interprofessional Education in Cancer Care, visit the program website at contact Barbara Head at

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