Advancing Spiritual Care Through Research

TC Fellow awarded grant

Transforming Chaplaincy Fellow Saneta Maiko received an IU Health Values grant in late February. The $97,000 grant to Saneta and his collaborators will fund a project to determine the feasibility and acceptability of spiritual care using the Spiritual Care and Intervention (SCAI) framework for adults with advanced cancer and their caregivers (FCGs). At the completion of the study, the team will be ready to conduct a randomized controlled trial to determine the efficacy of the SCAI framework on patient and caregiver outcomes.

The grant was part of a colloquium held on March 1 in Indianapolis. The event hosted Indiana University visiting scholar and Harvard University cancer researcher Dr. Tracy Balboni, who responded to Maiko’s proposed project. Dr. Balboni, other scholars, chaplains and chaplains in training offered insights toward strengthening this project, especially as it touches on the role of religion and spirituality for metastatic adults with cancer.

Congratulations, Saneta!

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