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ERICH call for US collaborators

European Research Institute for Chaplaincy in Healthcare Director Anne Vandenhoeck and Austyn Snowden have issued a call for research projects in the United States using the patient reported outcome major (PROM). Snowden and Vandenhoeck note that


The research is designed to answer the fundamental question: ‘What difference do chaplains make?’. This question is answered by patients. To create generalizable findings, all participating studies use the Scottish Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM)…to date, chaplains in Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, The Netherlands, UK, Ireland and Germany have engaged with ERICH to explore collaboration in PROMs research in a variety of healthcare contexts.


Chaplains and researchers in the US who are interested in the PROM or conducting research using it in the United States may contact Professors Vandenhoeck or Snowden directly (emails linked on names).

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