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Symposium Announcement: “Spiritual Care: Discipline-Specific, Interprofessional and Ethical Challenges”

The Health, Spirituality, Care and Society Platform of the Lausanne University Hospital cordially extend an invitation to this symposium, the first of Platform MS3, in October 2018. From the symposium committee:


These two days will be dedicated to reviewing existing research on health and spirituality in the fields of medicine, nursing, psychology and chaplaincy. We will focus on developing integrative and interprofessional approaches in in- and out-patient settings, combining papers and presentations on the integration of spirituality in care.

We would also like to invite you to the opening night of the symposium on October 17, 2018. There, we will present some of the issues raised by integrating spirituality into care. We will give the floor to patients, who will talk about their experience of the spiritual dimension in time of illness.

The evening’s sponsors and speakers are J.-D. Tissot, Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, I. Lehn, director of care at the Lausanne University Hospital, O. Peters, Deputy Director of the Lausanne University Hospital, P. Brey, Director of the Leenaards Foundation, B. Kiefer, Editor of the Swiss Medical Journal and E. Rochat, Head of the Platform MS3.


Registration information available here.

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