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John Carr honored by JPCP

Rev. Dr. John Carr has been honored with a special issue of the Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling, published as a festschrift of his work. JPCP has graciously opened access to the issue for a limited time; the Table of Contents is below, with links to all articles.

Terry R. Bard, JPCP Inc Editor-In Chief (2018)
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Research on the Discipline of Pastoral/Spiritual Care and Counseling

Professional chaplaincy: An absent profession?
VandeCreek L (1999) Volume 53, Issue 4, pp. 417-432
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Factors affecting healthcare chaplaincy and the provision of pastoral care in the United States
Flannelly, K. J., Handzo, G., & Weaver, A (2004) Volume 58, Issue 1-2, pp. 127-130
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Screening for Spiritual Struggle
Fitchett, G., & Risk, J. (2009) Volume 63, Issue 1-2, pp. 1-12
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Bard, Terry R. (2015) Volume 69, Issue 2, pp. 59
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

The Evolution of Research Paradigms in Pastoral/Spiritual Care, Counseling, and Education
Carr, John C. (2015) Volume 69, Issue 4, pp. 232-239
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Taking inventory and moving forward: A review of the research literature and assessment of qualitative research in JPCC, 2010-2014
McCarroll, P. R. (2015) Volume 69, Issue 4, pp. 222-231
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Licensed Professional Counselors’ Perceptions of Pastoral Counseling
Jackson, Brian K. (2015) Volume 69, Issue 2, pp. 85-101
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Recent Progress in Chaplaincy-Related Research
Fitchett, George. (2017) Volume 71, Issue 3, pp. 163-175
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Research Relative to Education and Training

Enhancing objectivity in pastoral education: Use of standardized patients in video simulation
Tartaglia, A., & Dodd-McCue, D. (2010) Volume 64, Issue 2, pp. 1-10
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Teaching research in clinical pastoral education: A survey of model practices.
Tartaglia, A., Fitchett, G., Dodd-McCue, D. M., Murphy, P. E., & Derrickson, P. (2013) Volume 67, Issue 1, pp. 1-14
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Clergy Stress through Working with Trauma: a qualitative study of secondary impact
Hendron, Jill Anne, Irving, Pauline, Taylor, Brian J.  (2014) Volume 68, Issue 4, pp. 1-14
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Behavioral Outcomes of Supervisory Education in the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education: A Qualitative Research Study
Ragsdale, Judith R., Orme-Rogers, Charles, Bush, Johnny C. Bush, Stowman, Sheryl Lyndes, Seeger, Rodney W.  (2016) Volume 70, Issue 1, pp. 5-15
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

An Exploration of Current Approaches to and Facilities for Spiritual Care Provision in the Republic of Ireland
Timmins, Fiona, Caldeira , ilvia, Murphy, Maryanne, Pujol, Nicolas, Sheof, Weathers, Elizabeth, Flannagan, Bernadette. (2017) Volume 71, Issue 2, pp. 122-131
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Research on Care in Practice

Spiritual care: Who requests it? Who needs it?
Fitchett, G., Meyer, P., & Burton, L. A. (2000). Volume 54, Issue 2, pp. 173-273
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Programmatic staff care in an outpatient setting. 
King, S. D., Jarvis, D., & Cornwell, M. (2005). Volume 59, Issue 3, pp. 263-273
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

How satisfied are patients with the ministry of chaplains?
VandeCreek, L. (2004). Volume 58, Issue 4, pp. 335-342
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Topography of referrals to chaplains in the Metropolitan Chaplaincy Study
Galek, K., Vanderwerker, L. C., Flannelly, K. J., Handzo, G. F., Kytle, J., Ross, A. M., & Fogg, S. L. (2009). Volume 63, Issue 1-2, pp. 1-13
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

The correlates of chaplains’ effectiveness in meeting the spiritual/religious and emotional needs of patients
Flannelly, K. J., Oettinger, M., Galek, K., Braun-Storck, A., & Kreger, R. (2009) Volume 63, Issue 1-2, pp. 1-16
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Experience of Spiritual Care in Cardiac Rehabilitation: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Hosseini, Mohammadali, Davidson, Patricia, Fallahi-Khoshknab, Masoud, Nikbakht Nasrabadi, Alireza. (2015). Volume 69, Issue 2, pp. 68-76
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Improving Spiritual Well-Being in Patients with Lung Cancers 
Piderman, K.M., Sytsma, T.T., Frost, M.H., Novotny, P.J., Rausch, Osian S.M., Solberg Nes, L., Patten, C.A., Sloan J.A., Rummans T.A., Bronars C.A., Yang P., Clark M.M. (2015). Volume 69, Issue 3, pp. 156-162
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

The Spiritual and Theological Issues Raised by Stillbirth for Healthcare Chaplains
Nuzum, Daniel, Meaney, Sarah, O’Donoghue, Keelin, Morris, Heather. (2015). Volume 69, Issue 3, pp. 163-170
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

How Patients Experience Pastoral Care in a Tertiary Health Care Setting
Ashton, Rev. Jenni, Madden, Deidre, Monterosso, & Leanne. (2016). Volume 70, Issue 4, pp. 272-280
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

Hospital Characteristics Affecting HealthCare Chaplaincy and the Provision of Chaplaincy Care in the United States: 2004 vs. 2016
Handzo, George, Flannelly, Kevin J., Hughes, Brian P. (2017) Volume 71, Issue 3, pp. 156-162
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | References |

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