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ERICH launches chaplaincy research summer program

From our colleagues in the European Research Institute for Healthcare Chaplaincy:

The European Research Institute for Healthcare Chaplaincy (ERICH), the University Center for Chaplaincy Studies (UCGV) and the University of Humanistic Studies (UvH) will organize the  International Chaplaincy Research Summer school from July 8 to July 12, 2019. The summer school  provides participants with an introduction to important examples of existing chaplaincy-related research, the research process and various research methods, and prepares chaplains to develop the skills necessary to conduct simple research and quality improvement projects. The summer school will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Lead faculty include Prof. dr. Austyn Snowden, Prof. dr. Gaby Jacobs, Prof. dr. Anne Vandenhoeck,​ Dr. Froukje Pitstra, Dr. Jaques Körver, Dr. Carmen Schuhmann and Annelieke Damen. More information will be announced in January.​


This is an excellent program that Transforming Chaplaincy is happy to see begin. With programs in the United States and Europe now, healthcare chaplaincy research will advance yet more considerably in 2019.

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