Advancing Spiritual Care Through Research

Transforming Chaplaincy well-represented in 2019

Courtesy of our colleagues at ACPE Research, we are proud to highlight upcoming presentations by Transforming Chaplaincy Fellows and leaders:


  • ACPE National Conference, Scottsdale, AZ May 8-10
    • PK Palmer, “Prevalence and Distribution of Sources of Distress among Hospitalized Patients: A Precursor Study for Developing Targeted Interventions”
    • Marilyn JD Barnes, “Simulated Spiritual Care Encounters as an Action/Reflection Training Model”
    • Geila Rajaee, “The Value of Chaplains”
    • Tim Usset on a RCT testing of an experimental spiritually-integrated intervention (Building Spiritual Strength), with an established therapy for PTSD
    • Pre-conference workshop “Research for Beginners: An Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Methods,” presented by Judy Ragsdale, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, and George Fitchett, Transforming Chaplaincy co-director
  • APC Annual Conference, Orlando, FL June 20-23
    • Professional development intensive “Quantitative Research for Beginners,” presented by Kelsey White and PK Palmer
    • Professional development intensive “Evidence-based Care for the Religiously Unaffiliated, On in Four Americans, at a Time of Health Crisis,” presented by Marta Dabis and PK Palmer
    • Professional development intensive “Chaplain Researcher: Research Question and Plan Development,” presented by Marilyn JD Barnes, Geila Rajaee, and Kelsey White
    • Professional development intensive “Building Spiritual Strength: An Evidence-Based Approach for Trauma, Moral Injury, and Spiritual Distress,” presented by Tim Usset and Joshua Thomas Morris
    • Professional development intensive “Getting Started with Qualitative Research in Spiritual Care,” presented by Allison Delaney, John Betz, Cate Michelle Desjardins, and Beba Tata
    • Workshop “Chaplains Providing Dignity Therapy in Outpatient Palliative Care,” presented by George Fitchett, Diana Wilkie, Debra Hepburn, and Andrew McRae
    • Workshop “Post Secular Spirituality: Perceptions of Humanist, Liberal Religious and Unaffiliated Chaplains,” presented by Froukje Pitstra, Carman Schuhmann, and Annelieke Damen
    • Workshop “Helpful & Missing from Palliative Chaplain Progress Notes: Findings – 7 Palliative Team Focus Groups,” presented by Paul Galchutt
    • Workshop “Transforming Chaplaincy Roundtable: A Review of Emerging Research in the Field,” presented by Shelley Varner-Perez, Dirk Labuschagne, and Petra Sprik
    • Workshop “Assessing and Reimagining Chaplaincy Education: A Report on the Transforming Chaplaincy-ACPE Study,” presented by George Fitchett, Wendy Cadge, Beth Stroud, Sandra Katz, Joseph Perez and Amy Greene
    • Workshop “Atypical Spiritual Resources as Community Health Assets: Results of Legacy Interviews with Cancer Patients,” presented by Beba Tata
    • Workshop “Caring for Survivors of Domestic Violence: You Can Make a Difference,” presented by Kristin Godlin


We look forward to seeing you at these key events this year!

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