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2019 ACPE Symposium on Supervision


The Pacific Community of Practice is excited to invite all Certified Educator Candidates, those both in the “old” and “new” process, to participate in a unique educational opportunity. The Symposium model of education is one we have adopted and practiced for five years with great success. Many Educators and Candidates have collaborated to develop the Symposium, which we have built around the identified needs and interests of the participants. The Symposium will include:
  • Opportunities for consultation with Certified Educators and Certified Educator Candidates from throughout ACPE
  • Consultation on your particular learning needs
  • Assistance with theory paper composition and revision
  • Large group gatherings on topics chosen based on a pre-Symposium survey
  • Small group consultations formed by participants who share a common interest
To ascertain topics, areas of study and opportunities for collaboration, we include a survey linked to your registration for this three-day event. The survey utilizes the Curriculum Resource to identify areas of most interest to the CEC Participants. The survey also asks for special topics, areas of inquiry and consultation that are of interest individually and collectively. Because we use the results from your surveys to form our resource team members, it is important that you complete the survey when you register.

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