Advancing Spiritual Care Through Research

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Csaba Szilagyi, MDiv, MLA, MS, ACPE, FACHE
Director, Transforming Chaplaincy
Assistant Professor and Director of Research
Department of Religion, Health and Human Values
Rush University Medical Center

Educating chaplains and developing their capacity to integrate research into their practice has been in the DNA of Transforming Chaplaincy. It has ranged from large-scale efforts, such as the 2015-2019 Templeton grant enabling 17 chaplains to earn their master’s degrees in public health and research, through the Chaplaincy Research Summer Institute (CRSI), the Spiritual Care Management and Leadership certificate, and online Research Literacy courses to webinars.

The most accessible format has been the Transforming Chaplaincy webinars over the years, which have provided chaplains with valuable insights and knowledge from experts in the field. These webinars have covered a wide range of topics, including the latest research findings, best practices in spiritual care, and strategies for integrating research into chaplaincy practice. By making this information readily available to chaplains, Transforming Chaplaincy has played a crucial role in equipping them with the skills and resources necessary to provide evidence-based spiritual care.

In FY23, we hosted 16 webinars, with 2,844 people attending live (a site registered as attending might have several people listening) and 5,440 YouTube views of webinar recordings. Such high attendance and viewership demonstrate the strong demand for accessible, evidence-based resources in our field. Transforming Chaplaincy remains committed to providing ongoing education and support to chaplains, ensuring that they are prepared to provide the best possible care to their patients.

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Our shared commitment to evidence-based practice not only ensures the highest quality of care for patients, but also promotes the continued growth and recognition of the chaplaincy profession as an integral part of healthcare teams. Transforming Chaplaincy continues to pave the way for advancements in chaplaincy education and research, ultimately improving the spiritual and emotional well-being of individuals in healthcare settings.

Here’s to another year of learning, collaboration, and advancing spiritual care together. Happy New Year!

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